by Martijn Duiven

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released November 9, 2010

All music written, arranged and performed by Martijn Duiven, with the exception of 'And then time says' and 'The chair', which are performed by Martijn Duiven and the Insomnio Ensemble.
All music produced by Martijn Duiven and Nina Bjelajacova.
Engineered by Rutger Arents.
All artwork by Martijn Duiven.



all rights reserved


Martijn Duiven Hilversum, Netherlands

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Track Name: Diver
We sank to the bottom and noone noticed.
Who thought they wouldn’t hear
and who said they would call?
Remember when it was still raining
and noone else daring to brace the waterfall?
By now we’ve found
a home in the reef,
a bed of cold wet aragonite!

Now and again
we reach for the water’s edge,
hoping to find another one of our own.
We happened upon him.
He fled the nest and dove in head-first.

His head is as the most fine gold,
his locks are bushy, and black as a raven’s should.
But within his coat the flesh is dry and decomposed.
His entry wasn’t clean, his side split open like
the ripe past that we all drowned in

Most of the time
we go with the current,
craddling our raven until stuffed with water and heat.
We’ll make in his image
what was too dirty to accept.

The algae taught us how to breathe here.
From the reef we learnt how to grow.
My chest expanded to double its size
and somehow I managed to breathe for us.
I know somehow we’ll
swim to the shores that our child can call home
soon enough.

Most of the time
we go with the current,
keeping the air safe within me.
We sank to the bottom.
But we’re slowly crawling out.

And when it’s time
we climb out onto a busy street
and the confident line up where we meet.
What will they think of
the bird that left its father’s lap?
“Here is your saviour
the heavenly child, we brought him back.”

So fill up and sing again
Rise up, rise over us again
Fly from the beach side.
Track Name: Curls
We start tall, as tall as we get.
We play until just before space
where we wait and give them a chance.

They are often ours, quite literally
we shape what people want to say.
They use us daily erase us
like our curls can be forgotten.
Track Name: Overflow
and a soul who cares to go
is alone to go towards it.

A line, a river,
(I'll open to you I'll open up to you)
a dam I'll overflow.
Track Name: I'll waterlog you
If I be the river you be
the riverbed, the riverbed.
Your waist starts rapids in me
on my way downstream.

I’ll swim through your boulders
and sand-coated skin.
I’ll waterlog you, I’ll waterlog you!

If I drag mountains and release
them at your feet, at your feet,
the delta will barely be sufficient
to retain me, retain me.

I’ll fall from your rises
and hammer you in!
You fill up with water
and sing again!
I’ll stand up, rise over
your silhouette
I’ll make you rise above me.
Track Name: Calling home
I just keep falling over bodies and souls calling home.
But I catch myself and they just don’t seem to mind.
Say that you love her or fly back alone.
A mistake that I made, but always stood behind.
Leave with my mistress my weary bones.
To be the animal babe, and never leave the island.
Why do you stop me from saying hello?
I cannot dial out of shame and hear their voice on mine.
Wave while you drown like a sinking stone.
Try and smile to the rest while my legs are tiring out.
Heavens to he who hears the siren’s songs.
I am tied to the mast and they won’t get me down.

A line, a river
I’ll open to you I’ll open up to you
A dam I’ll overflow

Why do you stop me from saying hello?
Be a man again and savour the sound.
Wave while you drown like a sinking stone.
What isn’t chained to the legs cannot hope to take me down.
Heavens to he who hears the siren’s songs.
I get rid of the wax and fly from this town.

Return to heaven
It’s open to you son, come and bathe in it
And Time?
Time I’ll make a line, a river
to open to you and drink from.
A dam I'll overflow.
Track Name: The bottle is mine
I was found in the corridor
with a bottle of gold.
Hits the most beautiful note,
hits the most beautiful note.
I'll keep it, I will.
Not sell it but treasure it.
Greedy bitches,
it's the sun and you'll swallow it.

There is no light in the corridor
and the sirens are on.
Make the most beautiful song,
make the most beautiful song.
Does that mean they're coming for me with
half a song, half a harrowing?

"I am alive and I'm doing well.
I have come to no harm.
Call off the alarm."
Track Name: Wet dog
It finds you
It rescues you
It forgets you
Track Name: And then time says
I'll continue in a straitjacket.
I'll continue.
And you?
What about you?
I will kill you.
And your family
I will kill too.
And you cannot do anything about it.
Rally them up, all human beings
so that I may eat them all.
Track Name: The chair
Whenever your mind wanders
remember I'll sit right here.
My arms resting comfortably
on the soft wooden chair.
My back straight, my neck
upright to see the world.

I'll sit and wander too.

And there be a flame
or at least a spark
setting me on fire.
Track Name: Patterning
They distort time and
blank my short term memory.
Space flows as they do.
And I'm part of that space
as I flip on a flicked coin
on the peaks and valleys
of a standing wave vibrating.
Track Name: Lotusflowers
I made you a home and therein placed
all that you designed, all that you desired.
Don’t tell me you didn’t want me to
give away my heart for you,
expect me to and give nothing in return.
But I just can’t take it, I just can’t take it out.

I left you alone and in your place came
all of the senses of many young minds,
summers in dresses and every desire
that gave birth to you.
Say that we designed you.
Come forth with it.
Throw the doubter into the fire
But I just can’t take him, I just can’t take him out.

You get home and your off to the skyrise, the skyrise.
When you finally get to the top you look up, you look up.
There’s one way to god you’re sure of, you’re sure of.