Temporal music

by Martijn Duiven

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released April 30, 2009

All music was written, performed and recorded by me, with the exception of 'The chair', which was performed by the Insomnio Ensemble (www.insomnio.nl) , and a little by me.



all rights reserved


Martijn Duiven Hilversum, Netherlands

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Track Name: I'll waterlog you
If I be the river, you be the riverbed.
Your waist starts rapids in me on my way downstream.
I'll swim through your boulders and sand-coated skin.

I'll waterlog you.

If I drag mountains and release them at your feet,
the delta will be sufficient to retain me.
I'll stand up, rise over your silhouette.
I'll make you rise above me.
Track Name: Lotusflowers
They lifted cobblestones, picking at the streets with bulldozer hands, shovel nails and track feet. What are you? What are you replacing?

They made you a home and therein placed all that you designed, all that you desired.
More icons and peacocked glass windows everywhere.
But you're not fooling anyone and certainly not me.

They proudly lifted everything. Piled it to the gods with lotusflowers, open eyes, upwards eyes. What are you? What are you replacing?

I left you alone and in your place came sensualization and effortlessness. They built me a home, a roof, a fireplace, didn't they? We'll never make it, no we just can't work it out, because it's tiring me out.

I haven't built anything. Never met the lord. The party is over and I just don't hit the ground.
Track Name: Counterpoint 2: Curls
We start tall, as tall as we get.
We play until just before space
where we wait and give them a chance.

They are often ours, quite literally;
we shape what people want to say,
they use us, daily erase us,
like our curls can be forgotten.
Track Name: I'll overflow
Offset, unreachable and a soul who cares alone is alone towards it.

A line, a river I'll open to you, I'll open up to you.
A damn I'll overflow.
Track Name: Stop videotaping
Call off the alarms, they won't help you out
if the path that I found was the wrong one.
'Cause I'm tired of being 'round for you.

Close your eyes and wait for a miracle.

Cut up the kids and hide in the basement.
Stop videotaping.

'Cause I'm tired of being 'round,
they're just cutting your throat with dull knives.
Track Name: The chair
Whenever your mind wanders, remember I'll sit right here, my arms resting comfortably on the soft wooden chair. My back straight, my neck upright to see the world. I'll sit right here and wonder too.

And there'll be a flame or at least a spark setting me on fire.